LIFE’s Little Blessings


Who are we?

KidsLIFE believes that all children are a blessing from the Lord. We believe that all children matter to God. He values them not only for what they will become in the future, but also for who they are today. KidsLIFE seeks to help children learn how to be exclusively devoted to Jesus and to be fully committed citizens in His Kingdom. Alongside the rest of the church, KidsLIFE is an intercultural space where kids from all backgrounds find belonging, experience the love of Jesus, and grow as disciples of the way of Jesus. Our goal is to partner with families by providing you resources, prayer, and support to help your kids grow as followers of Jesus.

At KidsLIFE, relationship matters, and kids belong. We believe that our Sunday Children’s Ministry is not just “childcare,” rather it is safe place for kids to learn how to build relationships that teaches kids how to connect with Jesus. We aim to make safe and inviting spaces for your kids to find connection with others and for them to be nurtured in their Christian faith journey.

KidsLIFE Overview


Our youngest (birth through 12 months) KidsLIFE family members experience dedicated volunteers who create a nurturing and engaging environment that provides age-appropriate care and activities.


Our toddler rooms (ages 1-2) are fun and engaging environments where our KidsLIFE family members learn more about Jesus in age-appropriate ways and begin to learn how to build relationships with others.


Our preschool room (3 year old’s) is a room where kids continue to learn about what it means to practice the way of Jesus. Their activities include worship, a Bible lesson, crafts, and playing with age-appropriate toys.


Our PreK and Kindergarten room (ages 4-6) builds on the foundation of our previous classrooms by pressing into Biblical stories and concepts that are age-appropriate. KidsLIFE family members engage in worship, a Bible lesson, crafts, and discussions.

1st Grade- 3rd Grade

Our 1st – 3rd grade room is a fun environment where kids learn from passionate volunteers about what it means to follow Jesus and how we can live that out in our daily lives. KidsLIFE family members have access to age-appropriate toys and activities, in addition to engaging in worship, crafts, and small group discussions.

4th Grade-5th Grade

Our 4th-5th grade room seeks to prepare our oldest KidsLIFE family members to enter our LIFEGATE Students ministry. They’re engaging in formative content that aims to challenge them to practice the way of Jesus and to become lifelong disciples.

Become a KidsLIFE TeamLIFE Member

Beyond dropping your children off on a Sunday morning, we think it is important for families to serve and be involved in our family ministry. We encourage parents to prayerfully consider serving in KidsLIFE. When your kids see you serve, we get to build the Kingdom together and disciple our children in the way and practices of Jesus.

If you’re interested in serving, fill out this form.

What do we do?

At KidsLIFE, relationship matters. We believe that our Sunday Children’s Ministry is not just “childcare,” rather it is safe place for kids to learn how to build relationships that teaches kids how to connect with Jesus.

Each of our classrooms engages with sound, Biblical content for kids. Our goal is for your kids to leave KidsLIFE with an understanding of what it means to follow Jesus.


KidsLIFE TV is the content used in our classrooms on a Sunday morning. This content is supposed to be biblically based and helpful for parents in discipling their children at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

We children’s safety seriously at LIFEGATE, which means that all volunteers require a background check to serve, and we have measures in place in case of an emergency.
We partner with families by hosting events throughout the year for families to get connected to each other and the greater LIFEGATE community. Additionally, we post our KidsLIFE TV to the app and website. This content is age-appropriate, biblically based content to help your kids grow and to assist parents in discipling their children.

The LIFEGATE community, especially in KidsLIFE, is growing rapidly. We offer child dedication during our Sunday gathering periodically; however, space is limited. Sign-up for child dedication using this link.