We believe that this next generation is going to change the world and our desire is to partner with families in their faith journey. We want to see families empowered and kids engaged in the story of God.


When you walk in the door, you’ll see signage directing you to the KIDSLIFE check-in area. We have self check-in stations for families who are already registered. If you are new, you’ll be greeted by a volunteer or staff member who will help you register your children.

Whether you are a current or new family, our check-in system is smooth and easy. As always, there will be someone there to help and assist in anything you need.


The security of your children is our highest priority. We use innovative and proven methods for check-in, classroom set up, and facility entry/exit. We also conduct background checks on all kid’s staff members.


We believe in creating an environment where all kids, regardless of who they are, will be welcomed into a space that is safe. We believe that all children are made in God’s image and to that end we strive to foster your children’s personality and creativity and partner with each family to bring out each child’s identity in Christ.


Our desire is that each child learns and grows in their identity in Christ. Our teaching is focused on them discovering God’s unwavering love for them. We strive to teach and equip your kids to hear and understand what God is doing around them, show them love and compassion, and to equip them to live out their love for Jesus!


Church is fun! We want each kid excited about going to church each Sunday. When kids have fun and learn, it changes everything. Our desire is that each family recognizes the growth in their child but also notices how much fun they have at church!