LIFEGATE Church began in 2015, and since its beginning, we’ve been blessed with the hospitality of the Cherry Creek School District as we have met in Cherry Creek High School for the past five years. In addition, Highline Community Church has graciously hosted us for events, special services, ‘Summer Nights’, and has also been home to our office space for the past three years. For those communities (and many others that have hosted us – including South Fellowship Church and Solid Grounds Coffee House) we are forever grateful for their support of LIFEGATE church in our early years.


Over the past five years, we have continued to experience growth – both numerical and spiritual. We’re humbled by how God has provided over the years and led people to serve in countless ways in the LIFEGATE community. Five years in, we are still acting as a portable church, which requires us to rent public spaces. Because CCHS is a public school, they require all major construction or renovations to be done over the summer – meaning we can not meet in their space over the summer, yet again. God has always been faithful in providing us another space to meet when this has happened in the past, however, we desire to be rooted in a place that we can call our own. This is the place we find ourselves.


The story of the gospel has always included a place. It begins in a garden and one day God will recreate a new place – a new city. The life of Jesus is marked by several places. In fact, every encounter He ever had happened in a specific place. This is because when God decides to move, He chooses a person, a people and a place.

Our vision is TO SEE PEOPLE MADE ALIVE IN CHRIST, and we now have an opportunity to begin to put real roots down – strategically and geographically – to most effectively serve our local Denver community. This is not about a building. This is about a place. We have been given the opportunity to establish a new place in this city where people can encounter the power and presence of God. We are trusting God for provision for this exciting, yet challenging, next step. Anyone who calls LIFEGATE home is invited to be a part of this chapter in our story. We see how this place we find ourselves can be instrumental in supporting our vision of true life change. We hope you will join us in this journey, and partner with us in seeking the Lord’s wisdom.


9 & 11AM | 10200 E GIRARD AVE, BUILDING D, 80231