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Following Jesus

We practice believer’s baptism. This means that we baptize individuals who are old enough to make a conscious decision to follow Jesus.

What do we believe about baptism?

We practice full immersion baptism to signify the process of death and resurrection that Jesus underwent for each of us.

Baptism is the outward expression of the inward decision to follow Jesus.

Much like communion, we believe baptism is an ordinance of our faith. Throughout His ministry, Jesus specifically calls His followers to practice communion and to be baptized.

As part of our baptism process, LIFEGATE offers a class to help you better understand what we believe about baptism and what it means for your faith.

While we don’t believe baptism is the repentance of sins, we believe that it is a symbol of the work of Jesus and represents the forgiveness of sins, the deliverance from death, new birth, and identification with Christ.

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