Encounter the work of God in us | Experience the work of God through us 

On September 20th we are broadcasting live from our building, a four-week series called, 

“The Place We Find Ourselves. 

What We Are Doing.

For the past five years we have been renting facilities for our Sunday morning Worship Gathering; mid-week discipleship and LIFEGROUPS; and renting office space. Late last year we received news from both Cherry Creek High School (our Sunday rented facility) and Highline Community Church (our rented office space and mid-week space) that by the summer of 2020 we would not be able to continue utilizing these spaces due to renovations and their own need. This news was not disheartening to us as we already knew that LIFEGATE had reached the point where to continue being the church that God has called us to be, we would need our own place. 

In February of 2020 God opened the door for us to rent our current facility. The plan was to always make it our own and in God’s timing we secured the building just four weeks before COVID hit. From a physical standpoint we are moving towards making this rented space into our first permanent location in Denver. 

From a spiritual standpoint this is His campaign is more than just about a building. It’s about building a place where people can encounter God. We are embarking on a journey and working together to see God move in and through us as a church. We believe God that what we are really doing is joining God in His plan for this church and calling everyone to work together towards that end.  

Why We Are Doing This.

From the beginning of LIFEGATE, we had a vision to reach 1% of the Denver Metro area and to see thousands Made Alive in Christ, and in five short years we have seen God do just that. We have seen people restored and healed. We have seen families find freedom and purpose. We have seen hundreds of people baptized and discover what it means to have a personal relationship with God.  

We envisioned what it would be like to be a multi-ethnic, mutli-generational church in this city and for the city, and by God’s favor we have seen this become a reality; still we believe God wants to do more.  So now we are boldly and faithfully stepping into a new season to create the space for God to move!  

LIFEGATE is creating room where people can encounter God and experience His presence in their lives. We are building a Kingdom outpost in the city so everyone who walks by, drives by, or hears about LIFEGATE will know that hope and life is found here. We are doing this because we live in a metro area with a population of nearly four million people who have not experienced the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and we want to spend our lives making known what it means to be fully MADE ALIVE IN CHRIST. 

What This Will Cost.

The total cost of the building is 4.9 million dollars. In order to close on the building on October 15th our goal is to raise $500,000 in cash—this will be for the remaining down payment. However, due to Covid meeting restrictions, we have the opportunity to begin initial renovations of the first floor which will include all the KidsLIFE space, lobby, prayer room, open space and a worship center that seats 700. This will cost 2 million dollars. In order to do this, we are aiming to raise the 2 million dollars over a 2-year commitment.  

The 2 year “The Place We Find Ourselves” campaign is a call to give generously and sacrificially towards what God is doing here ABOVE and BEYOND your regular giving/tithing. We are asking everyone to prayerfully consider making a commitment to this campaign.  

All commitment cards are asked to be brought to the church during Commitment & Celebration Week (see timeline below) and include the seed money, which is the initial financial gift of the total commitment. This will allow us to secure the down payment.   

For more information on the campaign and the finances involved click here.  

Mail To: 


10200 E Girard Ave, Bldg D 

Denver, CO 80231 

(Please indicate your gift is for “The Place We Find Ourselves” 

Ways To Give.

•When making a 2 year commitment, PushPay (our digital giving platform) can help track the progress through PushPay’s campaign giving page.  Click here for the link to be directed to the page.   Here, once you log in, you will be asked what your total pledge amount will be.  Once you set the total pledge (seed gift + the remaining 2 year commitment), you will be able to give individual gifts, like the seed gift or other 1 times gifts, and also have the ability to setup recuring gifts.  As you give you will be able to see in real time how much you have given toward your pledge, and the remaining amount.  This is the easiest way to track your giving progress.  For step-by-step instructions click here.

•For one-time givers, you can simply use the standard giving page in PushPay.  Click here for the link.  Once you are logged in simply enter your gift amount and choose the “The Place We Find Ourselves” link.  You can also setup reoccurring payments here, but keep in mind these won’t be automatically connected to your campaign pledge.  Note: you can also send a text message LGChurch to 77977 and the link to give will be sent to your phone. 

We have partnered with National Christian Foundation (NCF) to process stock donations.  Click here for the form that should be forwarded and filled out by your broker.  On page 2, where it asks for the NCF Giving Fund number and name, please make sure your broker uses the Giving Fund #3419266 and the Giving Fund Name LIFEGATE Denver Single Charity Fund.  Note: your broker may have additional forms that might need to be filled out. 

LIFEGATE – this really is more than just another series – this is about setting the stage for what God wants to do in our lives together and I believe this next season is going to be the most challenging and the most exciting we have ever been in. It will call the best out of us; it will make us more unified and more energized than we have ever been. Our positive response will leave a lasting imprint for generations to come.  
This is the place we find ourselves. This is the place that God has brought us, and our prayer is that together we will encounter the work of God in us and experience the work of God through us.