Who we are

About Us

Our Vision

LIFEGATE’s vision is built around the idea that being “Made Alive in Christ” is about living a life where we BELONG to Jesus, are invited to BE WITH Him as His apprentices, and BECOME like Him as we practice the way of Jesus. Together we strive to live the way of the Kingdom of God until heaven has fully come to earth.

In His Likeness

We believe the Church, and specifically the call to belong to a local church, is simply another activity. The local church is not creating a parallel option to the culture of our city, rather we are together (and through Christ working in us) cultivating an alternative society that has been given the keys to shape the prevailing culture.

The church is not a building where people gather, but a people whom God is gathering to form as one body in His likeness. We believe this deeply, and therefore have created a ministry philosophy that works to see every person in our faith community be formed into the likeness of Jesus.

What We Believe

We believe both gospel and spiritual formation happens when God, the local church and each individual is actively partnering together in the daily apprenticeship to Jesus through the Holy Spirit, the Scriptures, and ancient biblical practices.