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We all want to belong

We long to find people who see us for who we really are—the good and the bad. We want to be known and to step into the beautiful, and sometimes, messy space of community. Our world is becoming increasingly isolated, so, at LIFEGATE, we desire to connect you, and others, to the historic practices of the church, which is to gather, care for one another and equip followers of Jesus to engage with culture and society today.

Community is messy, but it’s transformative when we allow ourselves to sit and grow in faith together.


The table of LIFEGATE constantly grows and changes, but we have a few guiding principles that define how we gather.

We are intercultural and intergenerational

Regardless of your race, ethnicity, cultural background, socioeconomic background, or ability your presence is valued at LIFEGATE. The story of Jesus Christ qualifies and elevates the outcast and oppressed. You belong at LIFEGATE. This also means that we challenge ourselves to engage across our differences. Throughout our gatherings, we incorporate Christian practices from across various denominations and backgrounds.

We are a people of practice

That’s probably not something you hear a lot. What do we mean when we say practice? Practice is the routine application of ideas and beliefs that we teach from the Bible. This could mean participating in prayer, opening our homes to practice hospitality, or participating in the various events and experiences we offer at LIFEGATE. Practice is active and requires discipline as we seek to learn more about God and apply it to our everyday lives.

We gather on Sunday mornings at 9am and 11am at the LIFEGATE Building. During COVID, we began streaming our gatherings and we now have members of our community who watch from across the country and the world. Our livestream is available via YouTube and the LIFEGATE website.

See and feel what you will experience at LIFEGATE.

“We hope to connect with you soon. You’re welcome at this table, and we hope to gather with you!”

Connections Pastor

Frequently Asked Questions

The role of the church is to gather, to equip, and to care for the people of God. Are you joining us in person? Stop by Connection Gateway in the lobby to learn more about how to get connected at LIFEGATE. If you haven’t already, fill out a CONNECTION CARD and we will follow-up with you to give you more information about our community and how to get connected here.

If you are new to LIFEGATE or are interested in learning more about what we believe, join us at our next Welcome to Church. At Welcome to Church, we share our values, our beliefs, and how we operate as a community. You can find our upcoming Welcome to Church on the Events tab.

Our goal is to not just be a community that prays, but to truly be a house of prayer. Every Wednesday night at 7pm join us for prayer night at the LIFEGATE building. Each week we gather as a community to press into what the Lord is doing in our community, our city, and our world.

The LIFEGATE Denver app is the best place to learn about everything happening in our community.

We believe that families are vital to the health of our community. You are raising the next generation of Christians, and we want to partner with you in that journey. To learn more about our KidsLIFE (birth-5th Grade) or LIFEGATE Students ministries, visit Gather.